Small Claims

Filings for Small Claims, Summary Proceedings, and Civil matters are accepted Monday through Friday, 8 am until noon.  No filings will be accepted on the second Wednesday of each month.

All filings for a Small Claims must be done in person.  

You may complete the form prior to coming to the Court to file. 

If you have filed a Small Claim or Summary Proceeding and have resolved the matter prior to the Court hearing, you should advise the Court, in writing, immediately. Only the individual that filed the claim can withdraw the matter.

Small Claims & Commercial Claims

  • Small claims (damages of $1,000 or less): $10
  • Small Claims (damages over $1,000 and less than $3,000): $15
  • Counterclaims in Small Claims Court (damages up to $3,000): $3 plus postage
  • Small Claims Jury Demand: $50

Summary Proceedings

  • Summary Proceedings/Evictions: $20 or $40 *Please contact the Court Clerk prior to filing.  

Civil Actions

  • First Papers: $20
  • Jury Demand Fee: $10