Board of Assessment and Review


  • Susan Warner
  • Donald Murphy

Additional Information

The Town of Horseheads is in the process of doing a revaluation of all properties within the Town. By now, property owners should have received a statement indicating the assessed value of their property for 2023. If you have not received your new assessment or if you have questions regarding your property's new assessment, you are encouraged to contact the Assessor's Office to schedule an appointment rather than waiting to appear before the Board of Assessment and Review on Grievance Day which is the 4th Tuesday in May. If you choose to wait for Grievance Day, please call for an appointment to reduce wait time.

2023 Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May

Property owners wishing to file a grievance may appear before the Board of Assessment and Review either in person or via Zoom Meeting during the following hours:

  • 3 pm to 4 pm By reservation only
  • 4 pm to 5:45 pm In person or via Zoom
  • 6:30 pm to 8 pm to In-person or via Zoom

Please note: Whether appearing in person or via Zoom, cases will be heard on a first-come-first-served basis. Meetings are limited to 3 minutes so be prepared with all supporting documents when called upon.

Notes for Zoom Participants

It is imperative that you enter your full name when joining the meeting. To change your display name; find your name under participants, click [More] then click [Rename] and enter your full name. The host will admit Zoom participants when it's their time to be heard. Please remain by your computer or you risk the chance of being placed back in the waiting room at the end of the line. Those placed back in waiting will be heard at the end of the meeting, time permitting.

Appear in Person 

  • Horseheads Town Hall
    150 Wygant Road
    Horseheads, NY 14845

Appear Virtually Via Zoom Meeting