Who plays at the facility?

We are the proud home of The Elmira College Softball and Baseball programs.

Many Youth baseball programs use our facilities such as Horseheads little league (HHLL), Finger Lake Falcons, and Corning Elite.

Many Youth Softball programs use our facilities such as Horseheads girls' softball Association (HGSA), Rebels, Fury and a few others occasionally. 

Horseheads youth Lacrosse, Horseheads BMX, and Chemung Valley Soccer Association (CVSA), and a senior softball league also use our facilities. 

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1. What are the rules of the facility?
2. Are dog's allowed in the park?
3. What we expect of our patrons?
4. What are the Guidelines for the BMX track?
5. What are Park Hours?
6. What is the Park Season?
7. What amenities does the park provide?
8. What fields can be reserved?
9. Are reservations required to use the fields?
10. Where do I find the Calander for Field availability?
11. Who plays at the facility?
12. What is the price for field reservations for local league play?
13. Cost to reserve fields for Tournaments?
14. How do I reserve a field(s)?
15. What do we provide for tournaments?
16. How many bags of drying material is allowed?
17. What is the Price for a food truck to attend events?
18. What is the reservation fee for the Holding Point Recreation Pavillion?
19. Does the Park have a Facebook Page?